Remote Controlled Dee the Car

Take each of your favorite Beat Bugs characters for a ride in Dee The Car! Each time one of the characters (Buzz, Walter and Crick) are placed in the car, you will hear one of that character’s favorite phrases. When all three characters are placed in Dee the Car, a song will play from the adorable Beat Bugs adventures now seen on Netflix. The easy to use remote take the Dee car forward, back, left and right. The Dee Car lights up for on the move fun with your friends!


  • 3 Beat Bugs included (Buzz, Walter & Crick)
  • Each will say a favorite phrase when placed in Dee the Car.
  • Once all three characters are placed, a song will play.
  • Dee the Car lights up and is easy to operate.
  • Dee Batteries required: 4 AA.
  • Remote batteries required: 2 AA.
  • Batteries are not included.


  • 3 Beat Bugs Characters
  • Dee Car
  • Remote control