Call of Duty

Call of Duty, a video game published by Activision, has consistently been a top revenue generator in the gaming industry the past 5 years and counting. Its theme of battle and strategic war game play is often complimented by an array of weaponry and vehicle technology. Drones being one of the most popular of these vehicles, DGL launches a full line of Call of Duty Drones with Wifi feature and interactive play!

Call of Duty Products

Call of Duty Battle Drone

challenge your friends or any worthy opponent!

Call of Duty Tank

remote controlled with your smartphone

Call of Duty Dragonfire

2MP Camera Drone, 10 Scale

Call of Duty MQ-27 Stunt Drone

choose your speed and take to the air

Call of Duty Battle Drones

With this twin pack, you are instantly ready for battle!

Call of Duty Guardian WIFI Drone

take surveillance photos and video